Pakistan Warranty

General Terms & Warranty Information

A4Tech Pakistan is committed to providing high-quality products and services to our customers across Pakistan. We stand behind our products and offer an efficient warranty service for each product category as outlined below:

Mouse, Keyboards, Desktop, Audio Devices 6 Months Repair Warranty
Webcam 1 Year Repair Warranty

Warranty Claim Procedure

Warranty can be claimed for products purchased directly through our official website, For purchases made through other channels, customers are advised to contact their respective sellers and follow their warranty claim procedure.

Please note that a warranty can be claimed only once per purchase. Any subsequent claims will be considered as a repair case, and the customer will be responsible for bearing the cost.

Warranty Exclusions

The warranty is considered void under the following circumstances:

1. Evidence of water or liquid damage in the product.
2. Evidence of overcharge, burn, or fire damage.
3. Evidence of breakage, product falling, or forceful/improper usage.

We reserve the right to refuse warranty services if the product does not meet the conditions of this warranty policy. Thank you for choosing A4Tech Pakistan.